We work with parents right from the start

We want your child to feel relaxed, happy and secure at nursery. We achieve this by working with parents closely from the very start. It’s a two-way process, which is why we give parents every opportunity to get involved, ask questions and share their child’s experience. When you sign up you’ll be asked to complete a form that paints a picture for us of your child – their likes and dislikes, their habits, and anything else useful for us to know. By sharing information we can work through challenges together, and towards the same goals. It’s not just childcare – it’s a support system too.

Parents evenings
and Stay & Play sessions

Throughout your child’s time with us, you’ll be able to talk to their key person at any time. But in addition to this, we run regular parents evenings for a more formal overview of how your child is getting on. Their key person will guide you through their Learning Journey, our continuously updated record your child’s development; and talk in general about your child’s social, physical and mental development. We also run Stay & Play sessions where you can be involved.

The parent portal
We keep a continuous record of your child’s progress, including photos of them at play and written observations of their day-to-day behaviour and achievements. All this information is uploaded into a fully secure online portal (individual to each child) that parents can access at any time. As well as looking at what your little one has been up to, you can upload your own content (holiday snaps, funny anecdotes about your child, observations made at home) to give our practitioners an even better understanding of your child.

Parent workshops
We are incredibly proud of our talented team of practitioners – and as a result of their advanced skills and qualifications, and breadth of experience across both Early Years and school education, we are able to run special workshops for parents, at no extra cost. Previous workshops include: Getting Your Child Ready for School; Early Reading and Writing; All about Schemas; Wellbeing and involvement; and Sustained shared thinking. For information on previous workshops or to find out about upcoming workshops, please contact us

For more information on how to get involved, parents evenings, and accessing the parent portal, please contact us