Ahoy me hearties!

Last weeks learning fun at The Lakes included:

Owls and Badgers sensory fun exploring treasure baskets indoors and making the most of the nice weather by exploring the environment outdoors.

Fox Cubs explored some new additions to their sensory resources including sea shells in rice. The children absolutely loved playing with these, talking about the different shapes and textures and discussing the beach.

Tufty ducks got very creative with their baking skills making delicious and healthy biscuits, this also provided opportunities for mathematics as we weighed and measured our ingredients.  And of course sensory opportunities as we smelt and tasted how yummy they were! 

Pre-school have been showing lots of interest in pirates. They have been making pirate mapsand hunting for treasure. To make themapsyourselves simply boil some coffee granules in water and paint the liquid onto a sheet of white paper. Leave the paper to dry and then tear the edges to give them a more authentic feel. I am sure you will agree they look fantastic!