A glorious day at the beach

On Thursday The Lakes preschool children who are due to go to school in September headed off on their final nursery trip: an exciting trip to Formby beach. As we sat on the coach ready for the journey the children discussed all the exciting things they thought they might see at the beach, including beautiful mermaids and scary sharks!

When we arrived at Formby the weather was glorious, we definitely picked a good day for the beach!

Before we went for a play in the sand the children wanted to see how many squirrels they could find on the squirrel walk. As we set off we looked high into the treetops but we couldn’t see anything, those squirrels are such good hiders!  After some time walking we saw something in the distance, it was a den made of sticks and logs, the children rushed over with excitement and found their own sticks and began making crowns and campfires. After a play in the woods we continued with our walk, then we heard something rustling above us, we looked up and saw…..a red squirrel, he was really fluffy and the children loved watching him hunt for nuts. Following our exciting squirrel walk we were all ready for our lunch (walking really builds up an appetite).

We headed to the beach and chose a nice spot for our delicious sandwiches. We were then ready to build sandcastles, all the children worked well together to build tall sandcastles before flattening them back down with their spades.  Suddenly the children had a wonderful idea, to play in the sea! Off came shoes and socks and we all ran towards the ocean, dancing and running from the waves, pretending to be different sea animals.

Before we knew it, it was time to come back to nursery. There were some very sleepy children on the coach ride home; we soon arrived back at nursery ready to tell parents and children about our wonderful day out at Formby beach!