Eating & sleeping


Play hard, rest hard!

For our littlest ones who need sleeps during the day, we aim to follow whatever routine you adopt at home - before your baby starts with us, we’ll find out from you how best to ensure they get their 40 winks, whatever it takes! Our baby rooms all have cots available, as well as sleep coracles and buggies. For older children who still need a nap after lunch, we lay down sleep mats in the quieter areas of the nursery, so that those keen to carry on playing can do so elsewhere. We find older children naturally nap around the same time each day but our space also allows us to always cater for those who need a sleep earlier or later than others.

Delicious food, fresh every day

A happy tummy means a happy child – which is why we cook everything fresh on site each day. Breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea are all included. A typical day? Fortified cereal, porridge or toast for breakfast, crudités and crackers at snack time, Ocean Pie and vegetables for lunch and a Pasta Bake for tea. Our 5-week rolling menus are varied and nutritious, packed with protein, fruit and veg, carbohydrates and dairy. Take a look at an example weekly menu. We don’t use nuts in the kitchen as a safeguard for children with allergies; and any other dietary requirements can also be catered for. All children have access to drinking water throughout the day. And because we love to cook, we love to cook with little ones too! You’ll often find a lovingly crafted fairy cake or a slice of banana loaf waiting for you at pick-up…