Somewhere great to play until home-time!

Naturegarten is situated right next to Ravenbank Community Primary School – just a few seconds’ walk down the garden path. Because of the school’s close proximity, we decided to set up a Before & After School Club for children attending Ravenbank, as a form of wraparound care until 6pm. We’re lucky to have plenty of space and fantastic facilities at Naturegarten, so we can easily accommodate both our pre-school children, and primary school children at the bookends of the day (groups are kept separate).

How does it work?

  • Ravenbank School parents can drop their children off at Naturegarten from 7:30am
  • Our staff then take the children into school once it starts around 9am
  • At 3pm we’ll collect your children from Ravenbank and bring them back to Naturegarten
  • They can then play (fully supervised) indoors or outdoors, or find a spot to do a little homework, until 6pm
  • You can book Before & After sessions, or just one or the other

Who can attend Before & After School Club?

The Club is exclusively for children attending Ravenbank School. Once children are allocated a school place (usually in April of the academic year they’re due to start school), we take pre-bookings for the Club (which children can attend from September when the school term starts).

Demand is high, so children already attending Naturegarten pre-school are given first refusal. They will be guaranteed places at the Club for the days they currently attend pre-school (for example, a child attending every Tuesday and Wednesday will be guaranteed a space in the Club on those days). If additional days are required, those can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Club is also available to Ravenbank School children who don’t currently attend Naturegarten, but we cannot guarantee availability, as the Club is very popular!


How to book

To check fees and availability, and to book places, visit our web shop. Or if you have any questions about Before & After School Club, please contact us