All children are different, which is why we like to operate a free and easy approach to play, where little ones can move between activities and play areas at their own pace.

Confidence through play

We've created an environment where children can explore when and where they want to (always supervised), engage in organised activities when they choose, and have the opportunity to enjoy quiet time when they need it. We find this approach helps to build children’s confidence, helping them interact with their peers and practitioners but also enabling them to play independently too.

Getting messy and creative

Children experience a broad array of physical and sensory activities every day. The sheer number of books and toys available means that no day is the same – but that’s really just the start of what’s on offer. Understandably, most parents prefer activities at home to create limited mess – but we love it! This means your child will enjoy getting messy regularly: baking, glueing, playdoughing, splashing, playing with foam and bubbles… it’s all in a day’s play (with no clearing up for you). As well as getting creative with messy stuff, we also love to encourage our children to sing, dance and make music. Gym and yoga sessions are also available, and at pre-school children also enjoy reading, ICT, writing and maths, phonics and even a little French.

Enjoying the great outdoors

We think there’s no such thing as a bad weather day. Come rain or shine, wellies or sun cream, your children have the opportunity to play in the fresh air. That’s what waterproofs and warm coats were made for! Stomping around in the mud kitchen, investigating the latest creepy crawly movements at the ‘bug hotel’, building sand castles and dams, planting stuff in the garden, splashing in puddles, playing on little bikes, climbing and sliding, swinging and running… there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. And because we operate a ‘free flow’ style of play, it’s up to your child how long they stay outside – so if the lure of slippers and lego is too great, they can potter back indoors when they choose.